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All our luxury handcrafted aromatherapy soy candle and room diffuser are hand poured in small batches. 

Lovingly created from Eco, vegan friendly soy wax blend with finest and certificated essential oils.

Luxury design, strong unique scent will turn you in wonderful mood.

Handmade in Hampshire, UK 

Candles are made by hand, they are unique - it is not a factory, wholesale. It is a passion, love and joy of sharing.

I want my favourite scents that accompany in my life, also be with you and your family and make all of you happy, uplifting, and inspiring. We are not a huge store, but enthusiasts. If you want to order such candles, I invite you- but remember in advance that the number of candles is limited (due to manual production). Please, to be
indulgent when it comes to production time and delivery.

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