Luxury Handcrafted Aromatherapy Room Diffuser – Black matte jar with rose gold logo & matching rose gold cap


***Thick black reeds giving extra hit of aroma***


Uniquessence room diffusers are hand poured of eco base (fractioned coconut oil) blend with highly concetrated (over 30%) essential and natural oils.
That’s all to ensure have a fresh natural aroma, along with lasting luxury diffuser of strong scent throw.


Sea Walk – This quite unusual but addictive scent is reminiscent of waves breaking, the air fresh with sea salt and sage. The candle for an enriching moment in your day. Sensual and luxurious.


Aromatherapy Benefits:
• Helps to invoke feelings of joy and happiness
• Aphrodisiac
• Calms the nervous system


Room Diffuser 100 ml – up to 3 weeks of strong aroma


Is a good practise to rotate reeds every other day to make sure your favoirite scents will long last.

Aromatherapy ' Sea Walk' Black Room Diffuser

  • Size - 100 ml - Up to 3 weeks of strong aroma

    Eco base - fractionated coconut oil blend with natural oils: Sea Salt & Sage

    Vegan Friendly, Cruelty Free

    Handmade by Uniquessence in Hampshire, UK