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Please let me introduce myself... My name is Anna...I'm the founder, designer and creator of Uniquessence - aromatherapy soy candles and reed diffusers. I graduated chemistry as a Master of Science Degree in 2009 and since there I have been working as a lab technician in one of the biggest company in UK. After having a boy in 2016 I decided to connect my knowledge of chemistry and passion of aromatherapy to create unique soy candles which I truly love.


For me, aroma is a form of detachment from reality. It arouses emotions, opens the senses, excites, adds energy or soothes and calms. From the love of candle and pure natural oils I have fulfilled my dream of an elegant, healthy candles and reed diffusers with a strong, unique scent. This dream is strongly supported by my beloved husband Michael has finally come true.


Uniquessence officially started in middle of 2019 making small batches in our studio in Hampshire, UK. 

We worked hard for many months of testing to make sure we could deliver high-end quality, beautiful designed aromatherapy soy candles and reed diffusers. Everything you see and smell is lovingly handcrafted with elegance and authenticity.

Uniquessence candles and reed diffusers are vegan friendly, cruelty free made using 100% natural eco soy wax blend with finest and certificated essential and natural oils. No chemistry, no pollution. Our candles and reed diffusers can be sniffed and inhaled safely. All for You, for Your children and pets. Because You deserve it.

All our candles and reed diffusers are frequently tested to ensure a high quality of standard is maintained.


Uniquessence will bring to your home fresh, natural and unique scents. Beautiful stylish designs will add a luxury touch to your room. Sophisticated and Unique essence will turn you to a wonderful mood.


All we can truly say is you won’t be disappointed with either the quality, stylish design or nice strong aroma.

​​​Made with Love xxx

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